Material Review: J:son RealSkin

Buggy Clothing for your flies

J:son RealSkin

Recently, we've had a chance to get our hands on some of the J:son products to mess around with in the lab. J:son is a company from Sweden and they specialize in materials geared to more realistic fly tying. Well, Cheech has been busy filling some new nymph boxes, and so first on the docket was the "RealSkin" product. It's a latex type material and comes pre-cut into a variety of widths (see the photo to the right).

The first obvious applications are nymph bodies. In the stonefly pictured here, you'll notice the pronounced segmentation from the RealSkin. It's thick enough to give the natural-looking segmentation yet it doesn't stretch so much as to lose its thickness along the way.

Cheech's RealSkin Stonefly
Next up was a Czech style fly in Rock Roller flavors. Another nice thing about this product is that the colors don't fade much when stretched and there are some really buggy colors to tie with. Anyway, give it a try next time you're in the mood to tie up some stoneflies or anything else needing a good buggy looking body
Cheech's RealSkin Czech Nymph