Product Review: Clear Cure Goo

A product that has truly revolutionized my tying

Not too many years ago, I found myself struggling with the epoxy conundrum: Basically is it worth throwing epoxy on fly patterns given its curing time and all the other challenges that come along with that? I usually found myself opting out of using epoxy in situations where I would have liked to use it, but just didn't want to mess with it all.

Then along came the Clear Cure Goo revolution. This is a great product line that will literally put a totally different spin on both the patterns you tie and the workflow that you use to tie patterns that would normally use a traditional epoxy.

Now there are a large variety of Goo styles, including, Thin, Brushable, Tack-Free, Thick, Flex, Fleck and so on, but our favorite is, hands-down, the Hyrdo. It's the perfect viscosity and will cure tack-free.

But best of all, when it comes to this great UV Cure resin product, you can literally use it on a huge variety of flies.

Midge Dry Fly

Gut Bomb - Tan

Chimera Fly

Experimental mayfly nymph

Jig Style Nymph

Caddis Larva

I've tried most of the resins out there. There are some good ones and some not-so-good ones, but in my experience, you can't go wrong with the Goo and it's got a spot on my tying desk at all times.

You can check out their website at: