Book Review: Dynamic Nymphing by George Daniel

If you nymph, you must read this book

I had been somewhat interested in Czech/Polish/Euro/Tight-line style nymphing ever since I was introduced to it by my very fishy friends Ryan Barnes and Lance Egan a number of years ago. It seemed for me, at least, more of just a switch in tactics to fit the style of fishing for the international competitions and besides, I had lost interest in nymphing for the most part so it didn't really grab my attention enough to dig into it much. It wasn't until the last couple of years that I really saw the vision of what some of these other nymphing techniques brought to the table. And once I read "Dynamic Nymphing", it opened up a whole new world of fishing to me.  

As part of my nymphing re-awakening, I've had the chance to fish with and talk to a few guys that really have the Euro style down pat. I was most impressed with the insane catch rates and the fact you can really cover a lot of different water you normally wouldn't touch with an indicator. Anyway, that pushed me to buy and read "Dynamic Nymphing".

The book is broken down mainly into chapters focusing on specific techniques. George does a great job in explaining why certain techniques work in certain conditions and situations. Not only does it discuss techniques, but rigging and equipment options are also covered very nicely. There are plenty of on-the-water pictures and other illustrations that help show what's being discussed. Those are very helpful. Bottom line, the book covers some very valuable information that will absolutely improve your nymphing skills and put you into more fish.

Nice little Brown taken on a tight-line Euro rig with the Allen Icon.
Now that I've gotten the Euro or tight-line nymphing bug, I've changed a lot in my fly selection and design as well as my equipment when it comes to nymphing. I picked up an Allen Icon nymphing rod and absolutely love it. I can't believe how much more I actually enjoy nymphing now that I've had my eyes opened to the possibilities. In fact last year one of my first outings with the new rod, I was fishing a smallish stream that had some fairly spooky and finicky browns. I was totally blown away as I literally pulled fish after fish from the same small pool in the first spot I stopped to fish. Amen.

So if you are not opposed to throwing nymphs and want to catch more fish, check out this book and dig into the cool techniques therein. George Daniel and a lot of these other nymph masters (Lance Egan, Devin Olsen and others) are good evidence that these techniques are solid. Read it. You can buy it from Amazon here.

Cheech's Rock Roller Czech style nymph