Flymen Fishing Company: Mohawk Sculpin

Tying with the Sculpin Helmet

Update**  This brown version of the Mohawk Sculpin proved irresistible to some hungry Cutts.

Hook: Allen B200 #8
Head: Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet - small brown
Tail/Overbody: Spirit River Dos Jailed Rabbit UV2 - sculpin
Underbody: Arizona Simi Seal - crawdad
Fins: Silicon Streamer Legs - speckled green pumpkin

I opted not to put eyes on this fly to see how it would work...  No issues at all.

sculpin fly pattern
Fish Skull Mohawk Sculpin

I have to admit that I have been a bit reluctant to tie with some of the new products that have come out lately, but I finally got my hands on some Sculpin Helmets from Flymen Fishing Co.  I think we have all seen about everything there is to tie with these, so I decided that I'd throw my hat into the ring.  As you will see with this video, the Mohawk Sculpin is kind of a play on our popular El Sculpito pattern, but this one has much more of a darting motion due to the more aerodynamic and heavy head.  It's a fairly simple fly to tie as you will see in the video.

The Sculpin Helmet is a pretty slick addition to any streamer pattern, and it makes for a pretty clean head with great action in the water.  After tying a few of these, I have started adding a bunch of smaller Mohawk Sculpins to my arsenal as well.  The best part about this pattern is that it's a pretty quick tie that will be very durable for the whole season.



Hook: Allen B200 #4 BUY HERE
Head: Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet - large olive
Thread: Montana Fly Premium Thread 3/0 - white  BUY HERE
Under body: AZ Mega Simi Seal - bronze peacock  BUY HERE
Over body / tail: Magnum rabbit strip - brown barred olive  BUY HERE
Fins: Silicon streamer legs - olive gold  BUY HERE
Throat: Schlappen - Olive  BUY HERE