Lunch Lady: A Chunky Streamer for Hungry Fish

"I know you like em' sloppy!!!!"

Two Tone Lunch Lady

Mega Lunch Ladies tied on 5/0 hooks
As all of you know by now, I'm pretty addicted to throwing big nasty streamers at trout, and we have done tutorials on the Cheech Leech, Mongrel Meat, and Double Wide Cheech Leech, to name a few.  With the new development of our Bruiser Blend dubbing, I wanted to focus on a fly that used it's properties to get a certain action.  Bruiser blend is a great mix of bulk and movement because it slims down in the water just a bit, but not too much.  It's also moves in the water just enough, but not too much (I know it's kind of confusing).  The Lunch Lady uses a healthy portion of bruiser blend on the head, and the action that you get in the water is a rocking back and forth motion as you strip it through the water.  This might drive some of you nuts, but it actually is a pretty good representation of a smaller fish that is under stress.  This fly looks pretty complicated, but it's actually much easier to tie than any of our previous articulated patterns.  Whip some up, mix up the colors, and go catch some fish! (video tutorial below)

~ Cheech