Trokar Tying Contest

The ultimate "meat" fly

4/0 Trokar Meat Minnow tied with a Bruiser Blend dubbing head

We are going to host a fly tying contest in conjunction with Trokar hooks for the ultimate "Meat" fly.  This fly should be large and in charge, designed to take down the most gnarly of flesh eating predators that swim in your waters.  This could be big trout, barracuda, sailfish, musky, or other carnivore.  You have until 4/26 to submit your fly for the contest.  The winner will receive an awesome care package of goodies from both Fly Fish Food, and Trokar. Here is how to enter:

1- Tie up some awesomeness (a fly)
2- Take a good quality picture of said awesomeness (fly)
3- Post your picture on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram, and tell us what your target species is with it.
4- Make sure to use #trokarcontest on your pictures
5- Wait anxiously to find out if you won.

You can enter one fly and one fly only.  If you submit two flies, we will only judge the first fly that you entered.

If you win the contest, you will most likely be able to tie the next batches of your "Meat" fly with some wicked sharp Trokar hooks!

In the meantime, check out Trokar's page HERE, and a write up on how to incorporate Trokar hooks into fly tying HERE.