Butt Muncher - Carp Fly

No carp will resist these hot spots

Butt Muncher carp fly

So, before we start getting complaints about the name of this fly, it was impossible to assign any other name due to the makeup of the hind end of this sucker.  We have been playing with Allen Fly Fishing's new line of carp flies, and they have been super impressive thus far.  If you bend one of these out on a carp, congratulations to you sir/maam...  You are a true american hero.  

The butt muncher has all the hot spotty, wiggly parts that carp love.  Whip this one up, rub it in some mud, and go bust some golden bones!


Hook: Allen Flyfishing MP002 #1 BUY HERE
Thread: MFC 3/0 pink BUY HERE
Eyes: MFC Sparkle Eyes gold/yellow - med BUY HERE
Tail: Ultra chenille - worm brown BUY HERE
Tail hot spot: Loon UV paint - orange BUY HERE
Body: Speckled chenille - lime olive BUY HERE
Collar: Coq de Leon hen saddle - speckled yellow chartreuse BUY HERE
Thorax/head: UV Ice Dub - tan BUY HERE