Gear Review: Smithcreek Net Holster

Quick Draw McGraw!

Me sporting a Smith Creek net holster
I'm not a big fan of a lot of doo-dads hanging off my person when I fish, be it on a pack, a lanyard a belt or
anything else. In fact, if I'm going to fish a certain area for a longer time, I'll take my pack and bags off and set them on the ground so as to fish unencumbered. So when I saw this net holster from Smith Creek, I just had to try it out. I don't like my net swinging around hanging from behind me on a pack getting caught on all sorts of things and they're inherently difficult to retrieve.

Professional Smith Creek model showing off the holster
The idea behind the Smith Creek Net Holster is that you simply attach it to your current wading belt, a Smith Creek Wading belt or even the belt you use to hold up your trousers and you stick the net in it by the handle. 

The first thing I noticed was that the net is held surprisingly stable. I was worried that my movements might jar it loose or cause it to pop out, but it held in place nicely. I compare this to the idea of just jamming a net into the small of my back, held only by my wading belt or even a strap from a hip-pack. This holster, I found, is much more reliable and definitely restricted the net's movement far more than any rigged solution I have used in the past. The holster itself is a very tough and stiff strap material that holds its shape very nicely but can be adjusted to hold the net tighter if desired. The clip is lightweight and durable, so no issues there. 

Probably the biggest thing is that it's super-easy to both retrieve and to put back when you need to use it. My Fishpond net, which is a pretty beefy net, fit perfectly as did a few other nets I tried out.

I can't wait to use it this summer wet wading and traipsing about the high mountain streams and lakes in search of big fish. You can get more information here. Check them out, this is a nice addition to your gear hoard. Also, check out their other products, including a cool rod clip and a handy tippet/leader trash holder.