Gut Bomb Damsel Fly Nymph

Gut Bomb Bloodworm meets damselfly nymph

Gut Bomb Damsel

A few years back when Curtis created the Gut Bomb Bloodworm I was really impressed at how he was able to manipulate the body to seem almost see-through, and I started thinking of ways that the "gut bomb" technique could be added to other types of patterns.  I had tried it on many different iterations of bugginess from the vise until one of the flies really clicked; it is now called the Gut Bomb Damselfly Nymph.  I really like to fish damselfly nymphs in the early summer, and this one was quickly added to the arsenal full time after several successful trips with it.  I think the keys to a realistic damselfly nymph are eyes and a slender profile, which are achieved with the gut-bomb body technique and burnt monofilament eyes.  

This Bonneville Cutthroat couldn't resist 

There are several damsel patterns that I will fish quite a bit, but if I know the fish are feeding on damsels but are being picky about patterns, the GB Damsel gets tied on and they can't resist.  This pattern is also successful in tan and a brighter green.  You can also add flash to the wingcase, and use soft hackle fibers for the legs on this pattern.


Hook: Allen S402 #12-#8 BUY HERE
Thread: UTC 70 - olive BUY HERE
Tail: Wooly Bugger Marabou - olive BUY HERE
Body: Scud back 1/8"- clear BUY HERE
Ribbing: Krystal Flash - UV pearl BUY HERE
Thorax: Arizona synthetic dubbing - bronze peacock BUY HERE
Legs: Buggy Nymph Legs - dark olive BUY HERE
Wing Case: Fino Skin - mottled olive BUY HERE
Eyes: Melted 25 lb. mono

To seal the body and the wing case, you can use either Clear Cure Goo - Hydro, or Loon UV finish - Thin.