Bug Collars and new dubbing

New Tying Fodder

Jig style nymph with Bug Collars
We'll, no doubt, push out a more complete review of both products here, but I wanted to at least throw down a preview into what's brewing.

First off, if you've been cruising the interwebs lately, you've likely seen at least a glimpse of Bozeman Fly Goods' Bug Collars. These are a nice addition to or even replacement for beads. They offer a a variety of colors and sizes in a convenient stackable series of "collars". In the pattern here, I tried them out on a jig hook with a slotted bead. Even though I ended up reversing the orientation of what you'd normally do with a recessed hole bead, they still worked out great.

Next is the dubbing. We're excited to be working with John Rohmer even more with his Arizona line of dubbings. This time around, it's the longer fiber version of Arizona Synthetic Dubbing. If you haven't used the regular style, you need to get you some and double it up with this longer version called Arizona Mega Synthetic Dubbing.  It's some of the best nymph dubbing around and comes in some wickedly buggy colors. We've been tying a lot of our nymphs with this stuff lately and it's the real deal.

Maybe we'll put up a video on this at some point, but here's a quick recipe in case you're interested.

Hook: Allen J100BL #10
Thread: MFC Premium 6/0, Dark Brown
Bead: 3.3 mm Tungsten Bead, Gun Metal
Collars: Bozeman Fly Goods Bug Collars (email us for purchasing information)
Body: Arizona Mega Synthetic Dubbing, Yellow Tan
Over-Body: J:son Realskin Nymph Body, Tan
Ribbing: UTC Ultrawire, Small, Wine
Tail: Coq De Leon Hen Saddle, Speckled Brown