The Butthead Attractor Fly

It simply floats high and gets eaten

Do any of you have a fly box full of junior varsity players that you can tie up quickly and give to your buddies who always snap off their flies in the trees?  I do.  It doesn't mean that these flies won't catch fish, but I'm not about to give up one of my more complex flies just to have it hang off of a limb or rust out under a rock...  Rant over.  Kind of.

I was going to head out fishing with a few guys that had just started fly fishing and I wanted to make sure I had plenty of flies in my box that I could pass out.  I was strapped for time, so I started whipping up some stimulator variations with hot spots,and what came out of the vise was a pretty slick little bug that was pretty easy to tie.  It could either pass as a larger caddis, or a smaller stonefly - one of those tweener patterns that make the fish go nuts.  When we got to the river one of my buddies tied one on and hooked up right away with this fly so we all ended up fishing it for the rest of what turned out to be a pretty memorable day.  It was very durable, it floated high, and there was something about it that really got the attention of the fish.  I have fished this fly a lot over the years, and I recently sent some to New Zealand to fish for some finicky trout.  They are trout approved in the northern and southern hemispheres, but best of all, they simple to tie so I can pass them out to buddies. (Except for Curtis...  Tie your own damn flies.)

~  Cheech

Tail: Moose hair