Product Review: Loon Flow UV Resin

Thin, tack free UV resin for a great price

Loon's new all-star...  Flow

Your fly boxes should be tacky...  not your resin.
Jolly Rancher Chironomid, (video tutorial below)

The first time I used UV resin it was loon wader repair, and I was patching some holes in my over-used waders that have now been recycled.  Not long after that I was trying to use it for tying flies, but the tack
factor really turned me off and I didn't use it again for several years.  Had I known that the tack could easily be overcome with a light coat of head cement, I probably would have kept right on using it.  Fast forward to now, and I have many different bottles of UV resins on my desk that all have their place and application.  In the battle for the "best" resin, Clear Cure Goo Hydro quickly became my favorite because it was really thin and cured tack free.  The only downside to Hydro was that it was pretty expensive for a bottle even though it lasts a long time.  Curtis and I have been using thin, tack-free resins for a lot of things, but there aren't many uses better than coating the outside of a slender chironomid pattern.  With these patterns, it's key not to build up too much bulk, so a thin tack free resin is a must (see the Jolly Rancher Chironomid pic).

Just recently we got a few bottles of Loon Flow to try out, and we quickly ordered more for our store after we put it on a few bugs and fished them.  It has a very thin, watery consistency that dries tack free - all for $12.95 per bottle.  It seemed like a winner to us, so I put it through its paces at the desk and on the water.  I used it first to coat the heads on a big batch of Low Fat Minnows.  After a short blast with the UV torch, it was hard and tack free just like I expected it to be.  Another thing I really liked was the very thin plastic applicator that made for very easy control of the liquid.  It's very durable, and has just enough flex so It won't shatter if you bang it on a rock while casting.  I also noticed that it doesn't heat up while curing as much as some of the other very thin UV resins out there.  This product gets 5 stars out of 5 from me, and Curtis only gave it 4 stars because it's not scented like bacon.  Click the video below to see Curtis use Flow on a killer chironomid pattern.

~ Cheech

Thin and tack free
Great price
Good applicator

That we didn't have this product 5 years ago!

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Jolly Rancher Chironomid video