Real. Easy. Parachute

Tidy up your parachutes

Real. Easy. Parachute

I remember when I got my first metz grizzly neck.  I went straight home confident that all of my hackle woes were solved, and that I would be able to tie top end flies just because I had better hackle. Well, the hackle helped, but I still had a lot to learn, specifically with parachutes.  Through the years, I have adopted several steps that have made my parachute tying life a LOT easier and cleaner.  As you watch the video, you will see some tips on tying in the biot, how to tie in the post without any bulk, and most importantly, how to tie off your parachute without ruining your work of art.  This pattern is more of a demonstration of techniques as opposed to a be-all end-all color combination.  Change up the body, tail, and basically any part of this fly...  Just incorporate the techniques in this video, and you will tie better parachutes.

~ Cheech


Hook: Daiichi 1110 #14-18 BUY
Thread: UTC 70 - olive BUY
Tail: Sparkle emerger yarn - gray BUY
Body: Turkey biot - BWO or olive BUY
Post: McFlylon yarn - white BUY
Thorax: Ice dub - UV lt. olive BUY
Hackle: Rooster saddle or cape - dun BUY