Carp Dough Boy

Move over dough balls

Carp Dough Boy

Here is a little carp pattern that we have been playing with recently. With some of the new carp toys out like Cohen's carp dub, and Allen carp hooks, I couldn't resist messing around with some bugs.  This fly is also very functional as a mini crawfish and can be tied in a variety of different colors to match the forage in your waters.

A couple of keys for this fly:

  1. It's compact like a little edible nugget for the fish
  2. It is a low odor fly.  No superglue was harmed in the making of this film.  The glue was Loon water based stuff.
  3. It's tied on a beefy hook that will hold up to the biggest and baddest carp battles.
  4. Ice dub - it plain catches fish.

Hook: Allen MP003BL #4-#8 BUY HERE
Thread: UTC 140 - fl. fire orange BUY HERE
Eyes: Barbell eyes with eye - 4mm yellow BUY HERE
Tail: Wooly bugger marabou - hot orange BUY HERE
Legs: Magnum predator legs - grizzly barred rootbeer BUY HERE
Body: Cohen's carp dub - cray-zee orange BUY HERE
Collar: Whiting coq de leon hen saddle - speckled orange BUY HERE
Wing: Wooly bugger marabou - rusty brown BUY HERE
Head: Ice dub - pheasant tail BUY HERE