Junk Yard Soft Hackle

Turn your tying waste into fishy goodness

Junk Yard Soft Hackle - From trash to treasure

This is another one of those videos that isn't necessarily to show you a new pattern, but it's to show you a few different techniques.  I have dabbled with throwing a bunch of stuff in dubbing loops for years, but since I got my new Stonfo tools it has kind of gone into overdrive...  In this pattern I specifically use the "under-fluff" part of a coq de leon hen saddle feather to create a functional soft hackle.  If you like a really sparse soft hackle you can use fewer turns, and if you like a full hackle (like the one I was shooting for) you can load it up.  I also used a dubbing loop technique for the body that isn't anything new, but it helps really compact buggy materials into a tight loop.

~ Cheech

Hook: Allen D202 #10 BUY
Thread: UTC 70 - fl. orange BUY
Body: SLF dubbing - RFSN thorax BUY
Thorax: SLF dubbing - RFSN abdomen BUY
Hackle: Fluff waste feathers from coq de leon hen saddle - dyed salmon BUY