Fat Sancho Shrimp

Fish it or dip it in butter

Fat Sancho Shrimp

We have been throwing together some creative flies for buddies that have been heading out saltwater fishing lately, and we have sent baitfish crabs and shrimp patterns all over the planet!  The majority of the shrimp patterns that I had tied were designed to ride hook up and close to the bottom, so I decided to try my hand at a more realistic shrimp that rides hook down.

The materials that we use on this fly are key to its creation because they are very transparent when wet.  The body is made out of a new dubbing blend that we have been playing with called "Salty Snack Dubbing."  This dubbing is a very coarse blend of synthetic fibers that can be twisted up in a dubbing loop, tied in like a hank of material, or tied in perpendicular to the hook shank for
merkin/toad style flies.  The other key is Loon UV resin in all three thicknesses (thick, thin, and flow).  This UV resin allows me to stick the top of the fly to the bottom half, and it allows me to properly saturate the fibers in order to make the top half of the fly solid.

Have fun tying this little beauty, and let us know if it catches anything for you.

~ Cheech

Hook: Daiichi 2546 #1 (BUY HERE)
Thread: Uni 6/0 - White (BUY HERE)
Eyes: Epoxy mono crab eyes - Black (BUY HERE)
Egg Sack: Salty snack dubbing - lt. orange (BUY HERE)
Body: Salty snack dubbing - gray (BUY HERE)
Flash (Turd Vein): Crystal flash - black (BUY HERE)
Over Body: Bruiser blend dubbing - gray (BUY HERE)
Resin: Uv clear fly finish - Thick, thin, and flow (BUY HERE)