Quick Chironomid/Buzzer


Chironomid Soft Hackle Nymph
I'm a big fan of throwing soft hackles for midging trout, so this is a style of chironomid, or buzzer, that can double as both a soft hackle nymph as well as a pupating emerger. Although we'll probably do a video tutorial on it at some point, it's not that difficult to tie. 

The body is just regular turkey biots in black with a Krystal flash ribbing. The wing case is red holographic tinsel with some Loon UV coated on top. The wing case covering the bead is a great way to keep more of a natural shape to your patterns without worrying about the effect of a bulbous appendage wrecking your look and feel on the pattern.

I will fish this in rivers as a regular nymph -- especially on a Euro rig but it works great swung through the current as well. And fished from an indicator on a still water is another deadly combination for this style of pattern.

Anyway, give it a try:

Material List

Soft Hackle: India Hen or Coq De Leon Hen, Black
Wing Case Coating: Loon UV Fly Finish, Flow