Virtual Iron Fly - Followers vs. Flyfishfood

Challenge us to create stuff

This plethora of vises will help us get the job done.

These "Iron Fly" challenges that are popping up around the country are pretty awesome...  We have wanted to participate for a while now, and it just so happens that the Iron Fly in SLC is on a night that we get to fill bags full of goodies for our customers.  We're 100% good with that, BUT we still want to do an Iron Fly-esqe thing that involves our customers and followers, and this type of thing has been suggested already by several of you.  We will try to have a theme (either for the fly, or for the materials suggested), and our followers will comment on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with the materials they want to see us use.  Whoever is in the hot seat, whether it is Cheech or Curtis will have no input at all on the final list of materials to be used (we tend to be BRUTAL with each other).  Then, once the list is gathered, we hold a live YouTube event so you can watch us struggle to tie a fly that is somewhat usable.  The tyer will have no knowledge of the final list of materials chosen until the night of the live event.

I did this once at a family reunion when all of my brothers challenged me to tie a fly 100% out of materials from the shed.  I could use a hook and thread from my kit, but everything else was shed fodder.  What came of that was called the Weed Whacker Special tied out of twine, weed whacker line, and some flashy junk from a Christmas ornament.  Yes it worked... barely.  

Here's how it works.  

  1. We set a theme and a date
  2. You suggest the materials (via blog, social media, etc)
  3. We tie the fly during a live Youtube event
  4. You ridicule us while we struggle at the vise
  5. We either succeed or fail to make a usable fly.
  6. After the event there will be a drawing to win the fly that we tied and a small goodie bag.

You can suggest fly tying materials, stuff from the dollar store, etc etc.  One key to having your material selected is that it should be readily available.  If it's hard to find or really expensive, it likely won't make the list.

So here goes...

Date:  March 5, 2015 7:00 pm (Mountain time in 'Murica)
Theme: Meat (This will get more creative as we go on)

Start giving us your suggestions in the comments below and on social media.  More details once we get closer to March 5th.

Somehow I feel like we are going to regret this... but it will be for your entertainment.