The Crotcha: A Hybrid Bonefish Fly

Gotcha or Crazy Charlie?

Crotcha Bonefish Pattern

So I'm a big fan of taking perfectly good fly patterns, dissecting them or adding to them to create variations -- mostly including my own home-baked patterns. In this case, we had some buddies headed to a few different salty locales around the world and so this concoction was whipped up to be a good combo of probably the two most popular bonefish patterns around.

Now I still don't really get all the differences between a Crazy Charlie and a Gotcha because you'll find images of each of them that look really close to each other swapping out materials and such, but this is a fun little tie that combines some of the aspects of each and then adds a few new-ish twists to round it off. And based on results of the first round of field testing, it does a pretty good job on the bones.

So grab some materials and get tying...

Material List

Hook: Daiich 2546 #4 or Partridge Sea Prince Hook #4  (BUY HERE) 
Thread: Montana Fly 6/0, Fl Pink  (BUY HERE)
Eyes: Beadchain Barbell Eyes  (BUY HERE)
Tail: Salty Snack Dubbing, Lt Orange  (BUY HERE)
Body: Veevus Holo Tinsel, Pink, Lg  (BUY HERE)
Vein: Veevus Holo Tinsel, Black, Md  (BUY HERE)
Ribbing: Krystal Flash, Black  (BUY HERE)
Body Coating: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish, Thick and Flow  (BUY HERE)
                        Loon Fly Tying Powder, Pearl  (BUY HERE)
Throat: Salty Snack Dubbing, Crab Tan; Senyo Barred Predator Wrap, Barred UV  (BUY HERE)
Legs: Silicon Streamer Legs, Speckled Shrimp (BUY HERE)