The Fuzz Monster

The Ultimate Streamer Weapon

Fuzz Monster with extra fuzz

I have been tinkering at the vise quite a bit lately, and the other night as I was about to go to sleep I had a great idea for the ultimate streamer pattern.  I have only tied one of these, and it has only been fished on one trip, but the fish came to it with reckless abandon in the 15 minutes that it was tested.  We are kind of going back and forth about doing a video on this one because of the proprietary "fuzz" material that gives this fly it's namesake.  We are currently seeking a patent and some sponsors to help us get the word out about this pattern...  

Let us know if you are interested in being on team Fuzz Monster.  Comment below on how you would fish it, and how you plan on getting the word out about this pattern.