Vedavoo Limited Edition Gear

Quality gear made in America

The Bench Basin...  Keeping the trash where it should be.

By the raise of hands, who likes gear that falls apart?  Neither do I.  Several months ago we reached out to well known manufacturer of bulletproof gear - Vedavoo.  Vedavoo is synonymous with creating functional gear that will last a lifetime of use, and we are excited that they agreed to make some of their gear with our logo on it.   When I talked with Scott, the head cook bottle washer at Vedavoo, he was excited about making our gear for us even though they were "slammed" with orders at the time.  Being so busy with orders is a sign of a very well made product, and we were more than willing to wait a while for our stuff to be made.  Upon the arrival of our Vedavoo products, we were super impressed with the amount of detail that went in to each piece.  We can appreciate what it takes to make a quality product in any sort of quantity here in the USA.  Similar to tying a custom fly, you can't just buy any piece of junk sewing machine and expect to start cranking out the type of stuff they produce.  It takes years of trial and error to dial in this kind of quality, and we are more than happy to offer some limited edition pieces to our followers.  Huge kudos goes out to Scott and the crew at Vedavoo for the quality items that they are making.

We have brought in three items, and we hope to expand our line in the future.

1- Pinch Pouch  (BUY HERE)

This is a great way to keep your tying tools in one place when you travel.  It's also a great way to
store leaders, tippet, or any similar items in your fishing pack or vest.  I'm going to be excited to not have to have my razor scissors banging all around my bin when I travel now.

2- Bench Basin (BUY HERE)

I wish I would have had this last weekend as we were doing a tying demo at a very nice lodge.  This is a portable waste basket that keeps you in the good graces of whomever is cleaning up the place where you are tying.  

3- Tying Apron (BUY HERE)

My wife is sick and tired of me coming upstairs looking like I just groomed 48 German Shepherds.  I'm also sick and tired of looking down and seeing flashabou in my burritos.  This apron can be left in the tying area with all of the fluff and fuzz on it.  We made sure this was  in digi camo in case you need to hide from the mafia too.  If you are single, you will definitely lose cool points for sporting this thing, but for the married tyers...  the benefits are endless;)

~ Cheech