Complex Twist Tube Fly & Peak Tube Vise

The Deflectinator Gets An Overhaul

Complex Twist - Tube Style
When I first wrote about the Deflectinator a couple of years back, Cheech hadn't quite spilled the beans on the Complex Twist method for tying buggers and the like. However, after we released the first Complex Twist Bugger, I knew that was soon to be the new method for tying up what's become my go-to bass pattern.

And while I won't bore you with the background on the Deflectinator, this version here is more trout color and size and works great in streams. It's also done some damage as a bugger or leech style pattern on lakes.

And probably most notable about this tutorial here is the use of the awesome Peak Tube Fly Vise. As I point out in the video, it's definitely not a "beginner" vise, but if you tie any amount of tube flies, this is the vise you need. It's well-built and works very nicely with any size of tube fly you might need to tie on. Plus, since it's designed specifically for tube flies, you cut out a lot of the nooks, crannies and angles on a regular vise and get a sleek uncluttered fly tying machine.
Peak Rotary Tube Fly Vise
So as you'll see and hear in the video, we really like this vise and for throwing together patterns like the Deflectinator here, it works out great. I much prefer it to my "old" method of using a standard vise jaw adaptor to tie tubes.

And if you're still new to the tube fly world, here's a quick primer to help you understand the benefits and such. Tubes are definitely not new and not made to be your prime tying method, but it's one that I think all fly tyers should at least look at.

Material List

Hook: Partridge Nordic Single Hook #6  (BUY HERE)
Tube: Small Plastic Tube (or size to fit your needs). (BUY HERE)
      NOTE: You can also buy colored junction tubing, as shown. This size fits the small tubes above
Cone: Ultralight or Regular Monster Cone  (BUY HERE)
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 140 Denier, Tan  (BUY HERE)
Tail: Magnum Rabbit Strips, Dark Brown or Dark Olive  (BUY HERE)
Body: Schlappen, Olive & Fiery Brown; UV Polar Chenille  (BUY HERE)
Collar: Arizona Diamond Dub, Ice Blue Brown  (BUY HERE)
Hackle: Whiting Coq De Leon, Speckled Fl Green Chartreuse  (BUY HERE)

Tools Used: