The Short Stack Slider: Carp, Crappie and Bluegill patrol

Sliders Don't Suck

Black/Yellow Short Stack Slider
I'm a sucker for bluegill and crappie flies. And although carp aren't the most popular quarry on my fly rods, I've caught enough of them to know enough to have a good fly selection for them as well.

So the Short Stack Slider is a combination and culmination of a few patterns I've fished for both crappie and carp over the past number of years. One of my favorite crappie patterns is called the "Matacrappie" and consists of a wire body, a throat, legs and barbell eyes for weight. (see below for a very old photo of this fly)
Matacrappie Fly

As it turns out, I also ended up catching good numbers of carp and catfish on the Matacrappie as well. And in terms of Crappie, it did a good job. Check out this video from a few years back:

However, there were two things I needed to change on the pattern. First, it needed to sink a bit slower and it also needed to land "butt up" to be a bit more enticing for carp. That's where the the Short Stack slider came about. So give it a try for all sorts of warmwater fish. It's a fun tie and gives you a good exposure to deer hair with a relatively simple stack and trim job.

Material List

Hook: Partridge Jig Hook #8  (BUY HERE)
Thread: Veevus GSP 100 Denier, Black  (BUY HERE)
Eyes: Barbell Eyes, 4mm (small), Red  (BUY HERE)
Body: UTC Ultrawire, BR, Yellow & Black  (BUY HERE)
Legs: MFC Centipede Legs, Yellow/Black, Med  (BUY HERE)
Collar: Deer Belly Hair, Black & Yellow  (BUY HERE)
Under-Collar: Az Diamond Dub, Midnight Fire  (BUY HERE)

White/Chartreuse version

HookPartridge Jig Hook #8  (BUY HERE)
ThreadVeevus GSP 100 Denier, White  (BUY HERE)
EyesBarbell Eyes, 4mm (small), Red  (BUY HERE)
BodyUTC Ultrawire, BR, White & Chartreuse  (BUY HERE)
LegsMFC Centipede Legs, Chartreuse/White, Med  (BUY HERE)
CollarDeer Belly Hair, White & Chartreuse  (BUY HERE)
Under-CollarAz Diamond Dub, Caddis Green  (BUY HERE)