Titan Rod Vault Install

A Huge Win for Mobility

The truck rigged with two Titan Rod Vaults
Over the years, we've messed around with different ways to transport rigged rods from location to location when we're fishing on different waters during a day or hole-hopping on local rivers and streams. From the ol' windshield wiper "clamp" trick to shoving them out a window to transporting them inside the vehicle getting rod tip slapped as we drove and finally to a more recent contraption I built with PVC tubes, magnets and bungie cords, we tried them all. And all of them were very poor methods to get quickly in and out with no rod damage but could also weather a jaunt down the freeway if needed. Finally, after a few rod scratches, a number of drops and one painful rod break, we decided it was time to bite the bullet and get something better.

So we started shopping around for other solutions and found a few products designed to carry rods more securely. Ultimately, we settled on the Titan Rod Vault from Denver Outfitters as it seemed to have more of the features we wanted:
  • Rod Protection
  • Ease of removal and put away
  • Tube length (we fish a few 10 footers for Euro style nymphing)
  • Ease of install and mounting options
  • Security. You can lock the vaults themselves and also padlock the tube clamps to the rack you install it on.
  • Business end of the Titan Rod Vault 

  • Cosmetic, yes, but we really wanted a cool wrap so we went with a Brook Trout theme from a fish we caught a couple years back.
Custom Fly Fish Food wrap
Even though Denver Outfitters has a great set of instructions on how to mount and install, I figured we'd do one ourselves. One very important thing I'd recommend if you have a truck with no shell, like my Tundra here, give a look at US Rack. They carry high quality racks with a ton of different mounting options. And they're cheaper than the standard Thule or Yakima offerings. Since my truck has a bed rail system, it was awesome to have the US Rack system attach right in there with no drilling or other obtrusive mods to my truck.  

Anyhoo...check it out in the video here...