Silver Boy Buzzer

You can't have too many chironomids

Silver Boy Buzzer
Ok, we've put out a few buzzer/chironomids this year and this will be the last one -- at least for a while. Similar to the Grey Boy, this "Silver Boy" variation is meant to imitate the pupa in its last push to get to the surface and get the heck out of dodge. In looking at the naturals, I see a lot of VERY silvery coloration -- especially in top few inches of the water column.

And while I can't say when or why you'd use this flashier version over something like the standard Grey Boy, I usually end up throwing two or three patterns (where permitted) and find which one is doing the best. The Oil Slick buzzer is another even more flashy pupa that I include in this mix to try and dial in what stage the fish are focusing on.

And similar to the Oil Slick, we're taking inspiration from this stage of the pupa where the silver "major" segments are most visible. 

Colorado Cutthroat who took a Silver Boy

Material List

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Hook: Fulling Mill Czech Nymph Hook - 12      
Bead: Plummeting Tungsten - Jet Black - 2.3mm      
Thread: Danville 70 Denier, Black      
Body Ribbing: Veevus Holographic Tinsel, Med      
Under-Body Ribbing: Veevus Holo Tinsel, Cranberry SM      
Wing Buds: Veevus Holo Tinsel, Orange, MD      
Breathers: McFlylon - White      
Coating: Loon Fluorescing UV Clear      

Other tools from the tutorial:
Stonfo Hackle Pliers