Brookies of Summer

Heat-beating high country

High Country Brookie
When those 100 degree days roll around, we most often find ourselves headed to the
mountains for a respite from the heat and a chance to tussle with some decent Brookies (or Cutts or Tigers or Splake or whatever).
Below is a short little edit we did from an incredible callibaetis hatch wherein the Brook trout and a few Splake with a couple of Cutthroat were putting on the feedbag. We mostly fished the awesome Rio Midge Tip lines (long tips) and I'll venture to say easily one of the best stillwater lines we've thrown.

As usual, these trips usually involve gnarly roads, "roughing" it (i.e. comfy cots in a huge tent) and lots of fish.

Rigged and headed up
Camp dinner
Roughing it

Anyway, for those interested, here's a list of the flies that did some damage. And there's a few more we have on the docket for tutorials, so stay tuned.

Brook Trout Fly Patterns

  • The Chimera: Likely one of my favorite patterns and one of Cheech's most hated. (pay attention to the video). I usually fish it from an indicator but it can also be deadly stripped.
  • Deep Dish Callibaetis. Again a perennial brookie killer. Usually fished from an indicator.
  • Flashabaetis: This one was a pleasant surprise. As we ended up fishing midge tips for a good portion of the day, I went more for an unweighted pattern to allow the line to control my depth. This accounted for more of my fish this day than any other pattern.
  • More TBD. This trip was also great due to the fast we were testing lines and a number of new patterns as well. Cheech was rocking a couple of crazy-good callibaetis soft hackles and a few others. So keep your eyes peeled and we'll push some of those out here soon.