A New Spin on the Dubbing Brush Table

Next Level Dubbing Brushes

Dubbing Brush Table
So we've been messing with dubbing brush tables for a while now because, unless you've been living patterns and tutorials with them.
under a rock and haven't realized it, dubbing brushes are a big time saver and unlock a lot of creative possibilities with your streamer patterns. We've done a number of

So as we've done with many of our fly patterns, we ended up thinking about some options and features for a new table as we worked on a co-lab with the crew at Rocky Mountain nets. These guys are essentially wood-working ninjas and really knocked it out of the park on the end result.

Probably the coolest feature of all is the ingenious table drop design with recessed magnets that allow you to drop the table/shelf out of the way when you spin up your brushes. That, plus a good number of tool, dubbing wax and wire spindles, give this new version a big upgrade.

Anyway, check out the video to see it in action and check out the things you need for doing dubbing brushes.

Material List

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Tools from the tutorial:
Dubbing Brush Table     
UNI Dubbing Brush Wire - Medium (.006")     
Wire Flush Cutters     
Loon High Tack Swax