Make Your Own Squirrel Dubbing

The Best, Buggiest Stuff Out There

Wet fly with squirrel body
This video really doesn't require much introduction because all the good stuff is in the video.  Lots of people have been doing this for a lot of years, and I had started to do it more and more with used up squirrel zonker pelts.  As soon as I used up all the zonker strips, I'd trim off the remaining fur off the head portion and blend it up.  The cool thing about doing this with the whole pelt is that you can get dubbing in different lengths as described in the video.  The recipe ratio that I like is about 4 parts squirrel to 1 part ice dub, and you can mix and match quite a bit between UV cinnamon and UV lavender ice dub. Anyway, blend away and tie buggy stuff!


Materials from the tutorial:
Whole Squirrel Skin - Natural Fox     
Whole Squirrel Skin - Natural Gray     
Ice Dub - UV Cinnamon     
Ice Dub - UV Lavender