Chironomid Clinic 2017

Come Hang and Fish!

Chironomid Rainbow
We're excited to announce an exciting opportunity coming up: We're holding a special Chironomid clinic at Falcon's Ledge in Altamont Utah on April 14th and 15th 2017. 

This is a must-attend event for a few reasons. First, which may or may not be all that attractive, you'll be listening to Cheech and I spill the beans on chironomid patterns, techniques and gear. Second, you'll have on-the-water fishing time on some of the most productive chironomid waters we know to put into practice what you learn. This time of year offers some of the most consistent fishing and we anticipate great chironomid hatches and lots of great fish!

And lastly, you can spend the night in the very awesome Falcon's Ledge Lodge. This clinic is only $250. The normal fishing and lodging rates alone are well worth this much! If you prefer to attend only the morning session, the cost is only $150.

Here's the agenda:

April 14th
  • 6pm: Arrive at Falcon's Ledge.
  • 7pm: Fly patterns, gear and technique presentation.
  • 9pm: Hang out and/or retire to bed

April 15th:
  • 7am: On-the-water presentation and review
  • 8am: Fishing time with one-one-one instructor coaching
  • 11am: Departure from Falcons
If you're interested, please email me:

Spots are limited. If you'd prefer to attend only the on-the-water session, you can attend for $150. If you're coming from out of town, let us know and we can help to acquaint you with additional fishing locations, transportation or lodging etc.