Favorite Small Lake Boat Setup

Here's the setup we use for small stillwater fly fishing

fly fishing stillwater setup
Our stillwater setup
We spend a lot of time on the water. Whether it's in smaller kickboats like the ones shown here or our bigger FlyCraft we use on some rivers, the bass boat or drift boat, we end up doing a lot of floating on or through water.

With each boat scenario, there's always fine tuning the gear and how to rig things. So in this video, we walk through our basic small lake stillwater setup.

This includes:

  • The small water boats we purchased are Dave Scadden Outlaw Predator kick boats. We've used a lot of these style boats and these Scaddens are the lightest weight, most durable for the weight and have ample storage. This is NOT a paid ad and we don't sell the boats directly (although we can hook you up if you are interested in getting one).
  • Gear-wise, the saddle bags or other similar storage bags are imperative. The downside to stillwater fishing, in general, is that between different lines, fly boxes and other gear, you end up needing a lot of storage space.
  • We usually fish two rods and have multiple spools ready with different lines. It's important you have a good way to store a spare rod.
  • The oars on these boats come in handy but 90% of the propulsion comes from our legs via fins on the boots.
  • Lightweight boats are nice because they can compact into the UTV storage and they're not so heavy that you can't lug them shorter distances to the water.
And here's a short video on how we have it setup.