Quick Tip: How to whip finish crowded heads

No more bound fibers

Caddis pattern with deer hair and hackle
Anyone that's tied more than a few flies knows how some patterns end up being more difficult to whip finish due to hackle, hair or other fibers that can get in the way of your whip finish. You usually end up with the thread binding down some stray hackle or a few strands of antron because the whip finish wraps are somewhat difficult to control such that you can avoid those stray fibers. So here's a quick tip on how to manage your bobbin, thread control and whip finisher in order to end up with a clean fiber-free head.

Part of the trick here, in addition to the technique, is the use of a smaller sized whip finisher. I now use the TMC Dual Whip Finisher for all of my tying (both big and small patterns) because of the extra control it gives when working around tight spaces like this. The TMC Midge Whip Finisher is also another great option for this.