Whiting Farms: Get to know your hackle

Why we drove 5 hours to look at chickens

Dr. Tom Whiting and a handsome Cree Rooster
We had another opportunity to head over to Whiting Farms last week and we made the most of our time there working on some hackle projects and getting some content to be a good intro to what goes on behind the scenes a bit.

And in case you've lived under a rock and don't know what Whiting Farms is, they are the #1 undisputed top notch hackle producer in the world. The scope of what they do there and how much expertise goes into churning out quality hackle day after day, is mind-blowing. We hope this is a good intro into what goes on. Dr. Whiting is truly a master of his craft. Listening to him talk, you can understand the passion and expertise that combines to make us some of the greatest hackle birds on earth.

Anyway, enjoy this one but also stay tuned for some excellent upcoming content as well. We've got a few more interesting ones in the hopper!!