Morrish Mouse

Part Rodent, Part Gurgler

Fishing with mouse patterns seems to be picking up steam as more and more anglers realize that there are lots of fish that will readily take advantage of a nicely presented rodent.  The keys to a good mouse pattern in my opinion are movement, "gurgle," and hook gap.  The Morrish Mouse is a really great example of how to achieve all three of those keys in a pretty simple form.  It's basically three materials, and can take a little bit of time to tie, but it's not necessarily a difficult pattern with a bit of practice (even with the spinning of elk hair.)  Kudos again to Ken Morrish for bringing us this well thought out and very effective fly!  

A few tips.  
  1. You can tie this on a wide gap hook like the Gamakatsu B10S or the Fulling Mill Streamer Stripper hook
  2. You can tie this fly with deer or elk hair, but I find that it's best with coarse elk hair like the back strip piece from Nature's Spirit
  3. It can be tied with 4mm foam if you want to slim down the profile.
Happy tying!

~ Cheech

Material List
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Hook: TMC 5263 Nymph & Streamer Hook - 4 - 25 Pack
Tail : Veevus GSP - White - 200 Denier
Tail : Rabbit Zonker Strips - Dark Brown
Body: Nature's Spirit Cow Elk Backstrip - 6"x6"
Foam: Fly Tying Foam - 6mm - Black
Glue: Fly Tyer's Z-Ment

Other tools from the tutorial:
Peak Hex Hair Stacker - Magnum
Deadfly Half Hitch Hair Packer
Tiemco Deer Hair Scissors - Fine
Tiemco Tungsten Carbide Razor Scissor
Loon Ergo Quick Cut Whip Finisher