Pat's Purple & Black Rubber Legs

Purple Gets it Done

Purple Pat's Rubber Legs
While Lance's original variation of Pat's Rubber Legs stonefly was definitely one of the best-received tutorials in the last year, there's always room for other variations in different circumstances.

One big change in this pattern vs the one we previously released is that the very-super-difficult-to-obtain Daiichi 1730 hooks have been subbed out for the newer U-Series hook from Umpqua that offers a similar bent shank.

This style hooks helps the fly to ride hook point up and lessen the likelihood of snagging bottom.

Anyway, if you haven't given this Pat's variation a try, this is a good one to start with. The purple and black has been a very good combo for us this year and believe it or not, when the big Pteronarcys Californica (salmon flies) show up, this color combo is one you don't want to miss. It's been a great one! Tie it and see...

Material List
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Hook: Umpqua U106 Bent Shank Nymph Hook - 50 pack - 12
Bead: UTC Ultrathread 140 Denier - Purple
Bead: Plummeting Tungsten Beads - Jet Black - 5/32" (3.8mm)
Weight: Lead Wire Spool - .020
Tails/Legs: Barred Sexi Floss - Purple - Small
Body: Stonefly Chenille - Purple/Black

Other tools from the tutorial:

Dr. Slick Tungsten Carbide All Purpose Scissors, 4"