Iris Caddis Variation

Fish the Film!

Many years ago when I decided to up my game from just staring at indicators all day, I was intrigued by the caddis hatch and the many differences that it brings from the lob and watch bobber techniques that I was used to.  I began to tie and research patterns to be able to target the hyper aggressive fish I'd see right at dusk on my local river, and one pattern seemed to come up more than others, and it was the Iris Caddis.  Developed by Blue Ribbon Flies, the original relies on z-lon fibers for the tail and wing, and a synthetic/natural blend for the body and thorax. Due to my recent addiction to squirrel for tying, I started to tie the iris caddis with dubbed squirrel for the body, and a squirrel hackle for the thorax.  Needless to say, this fly is very effective, and I found that in faster water I will fish it behind a more visible pattern like the Palomino Caddis.  

Happy Tying!


Material List
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Hook: Daiichi 1180 - Standard Dry Fly Hook - 14
Shuck: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Wood Duck
Shuck: Sparkle Emerger Yarn - Amber
Body/Head: Natural Furs Dubbing - Fox Squirrel
Wing : Sparkle Emerger Yarn - Cream

Other tools from the tutorial:
Renzetti Master Vise
Hard As Hull Head Cement
Dr. Slick Razor Scissors - 4"
Tiemco Midge Whip Finisher
Loon Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner