Squirracell - Duracell Variation

Spark Up Your Nymph Game

It's no secret that the Duracell nymph is one of the most effective patterns in our arsenal.  We have been fishing this pattern since we contracted with Fulling Mill a few years back, and it has been a big part of our nymph boxes.  I will say this...  The Duracell is a a great design that really needs no improvements at all, but since I started playing with really sparse collars of squirrel I had to see how it would look on a Duracell nymph.  The other thing that I really like about the squirrel collar is that you don't have to hunt for that perfect piece of CDC to either palmer it, or use the magic tool with it.  You can also use this collar technique with a wide range of other fly patterns.  I also decided to use Coq de Leon dyed red for the tail on this fly for no reason other than the fact that it looked really cool (And maybe that our top selling nymph pattern in the shop is a Red Dart.)

It's also a great time to introduce the Whiting Coq de Leon Versa Pack which contains 4 1/2 capes of the best colors for nymph tailing. Check them out HERE

~ Cheech

Material List
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Hook: Firehole Sticks 516 Jig Hook - 14
Hook (option #2): Hanak H 400 BL Jig Hook - 14
Bead: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Red
Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten Beads - Silver - 7/64" (2.8mm)
Tail: Whiting Coq De Leon Rooster Cape - Badger Dyed Red
Body: Ice Dub - UV Brown
Ribbing: UTC Ultra Wire - Red - Small
Collar: Natural Furs Dubbing - Fox Squirrel

Other tools from the tutorial:
Renzetti Master Vise
Tiemco Tying Brush
Loon Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner
Whiting Coq De Leon Intro Versa Pack 4 1/2 Capes