Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Nymph

It Catches Fish.  Period.

This fly really doesn't need much explanation because anglers have been using it for a long long time.  There are many variations of a soft hackle pheasant tail, and pretty much all of them have been used to fool trout.  They can be fished on an indicator rig, euro rig, dry dropper, or on a lake.  We got some really cool soft hackle hen capes from whiting in a color called Dark Brown Dun, which is dark brown on one side, and a nice gray color on the other side.  You can ultimately use whatever soft hackle material you want on these, but this color really matches well with the pheasant tail fibers.

In this video, you will watch Cheech break off materials enough to make Curtis warm up the bleep machine...  Word to the wise, get quality pheasant tail fibers so you don't have to swear like Cheech.

Material List
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Hook: Fulling Mill 35105 Competition Heavyweight Hook Barbless - 14
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Burnt Orange
Bead: Firehole Stones Plated Tungsten Beads - Gold - 3.0mm (1/8")
Tail: Nature's Spirit Ringneck Pheasant Center Tails - Natural
Wire: UTC Ultra Wire - Gold - Small
Thorax: Peacock Eye Sticks
Hackle: Whiting Hebert Miner Hen Cape - Dark Brown Dun
Flash: Lateral Scale - 1/69 Lateral Scale Opal Mirage #1733