Brook Trout on Chironomids

Midge Tip Line Setup

We've previously featured one of our favorite types of fly lines -- the midge tip (or emerger tip as Scientific Anglers formerly called it) -- and here's a video that dials in a bit on how to reach fish holding a bit deeper and focusing on chironomids closer to the bottom.

The setup is pretty straightforward. We have a 6 wt 10' rod with a midge tip line. From there, you tie your own leader with this formula:

  • Line: Scientific Anglers Midge Tip, 6wt.
  • Nail Knot from fly line to 18" of 20lb Fluoro.
  • Blood knot to 18" of 15lb Fluoro
  • Tippet ring with clinch knots
  • 5' of 3x or 4x fluoro tippet
  • Triple Surgeon's knot to 5' of 3x or 4x fluoro tippet (leaving dropper tag)
  • If you get the hang of casting this rig with two flies, you can tie another 5' section and make it three flies. Takes some casting practice.
Flies from this video:
And here's the video: