Terrestrials in the Rain? Provo River Float

The Fish are Already Wet...

We had been playing the weather by ear since the day before, but when you are presented with an opportunity to float in the rain, the answer is always yes - you just rely on good rain gear.  We were kind of hell bent on fishing Bionic Ants even through the rain, and we are glad we did!!!  I actually started the day off with a new color combo of Grumpy Frumpy that worked pretty well, but the Bionic seemed to get the fish really moving aggressively.  

Here is basically how the trip went: Cheech breaks H3 rod in short order (after catching a couple fish on it.) Lance shows off accuracy with his fancy G Loomis Asquith (which I then fished for the rest of the trip.)  Asquith is a CRAZY nice rod... Rain is somewhat drizzly and relentless, which made for perfect conditions for the fish to be aggressive.  Fish go nuts on the Bionic Ant for the rest of the trip...  As you will see at the end of the video, the ant that I was fishing had a few modifications.  I tied it with the Wapsi XL ant body on a TMC 9300 hook.  That hook is AMAZING for foam flies like this one.  It has just enough beef to make the fly land correctly, and it won't bend out!  The wing is EP Trigger Point Fibers in white instead of brown.  Also, if you are messing with other colors of hackle on Bionic Ants, I'd highly recommend coachman brown due to how translucent it gets when light goes through it.

**Also, Orvis offers a new expedited warranty service with the H3.  It will only be 5 days until my new section comes in...  NICE!!!

Here are some links for you to find the loot that we were using on this float.