Adams Cripple

A Slightly Buggier Adams

It seems far fetched, but there are times that a normal Adams or Parachute Adams just isn't buggy enough for the fish.  This is a pattern from Blue Ribbon Flies that will keep the same colors of the Adams, but it sits lower in the water and has a buggier tail.  Fish it either with a full hackle (as pictured) or trim the hackle flush on the bottom side!

Before you look at the material list for this fly, make sure to get some good grizzly hackle.  We have plenty of it HERE.

Material List
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Hook: TMC Tiemco 102Y Dry Hook - 13
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Blue Dun
Tail: Bett's Z-Lon - Standard - Brown
Body: Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing - Adam's Gray
Wing: EP Trigger Point Int'l Fibers - White
Body Alternate: TroutHunter Dry Fly Dubbing - Adam's Gray
Body Alternate: Nature's Spirit Beaver Dubbing - Muskrat Gray

Other tools from the tutorial:
Fiskars 5" Micro-Tip Scissors