CDC Deer Caddis

Super Durable and Buoyant Hackle

Ok...  We completely realize that the name of this fly is completely lame and generic, but the part that matters is that it's a super buggy, buoyant, and durable caddis pattern.  We use some cool techniques to make a full CDC wing and a hackle made from deer hair.  With the dubbing, just make sure to cut the ice dub to about 1/2" and pulse blend it with squirrel in a coffee grinder.  Just two or three pulses will get it completely blended and ready to use!

Also check out the instructional video on the Swiss MultiClamp HERE

Material List
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Hook: TMC 100 Dry Fly Hook - 14 - 25 Pack
Thread: 8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed Midge - Camel
Dubbing 1: Natural Furs Dubbing - Gray Squirrel
Dubbing 2 (Blended): Ice Dub - UV Lavender
Wing: TroutHunter Premium CDC - Caddis Dun
Hackle: Nature's Spirit X-Caddis Deer Hair - Natural Light
Alternate Hook: TMC Tiemco 9300 Dry & Wet Hook - 14
Alternate Hair: Nature's Spirit X-Caddis Deer Hair - Natural Dark
Alternate CDC: Swiss CDC Super Select Grade - Khaki Campell

Other tools from the tutorial:
Swiss CDC MultiClamp