CDC Frenchie

Add Movement to a Killer

Full disclosure, Lance is currently competing in the world championships as I write this, so he had no say over how I tied this fly!!  yes.....  Honestly, all of you know the frenchie, and hopefully you all have fished it to see how crazy effective it is.  Honestly, I had just gotten the new Swiss CDC Multi-Clamp, so one of the first things I did was tie some Frenchies with CDC collars...  I'm really digging how the tool works and how the fly turned out.  Check out the tying video.

P.S.  To see more cool techniques using the Multi-Clamp, check out THIS VIDEO.

Material List
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Hook: Umpqua U560 BL-BN Jig Hook - 50 pack - 14
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 70 Denier - Red
Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten Beads - Gold - 1/8" (3.3mm)
Tail: Whiting Coq De Leon Tailing Packs - Medium Pardo
Body: UV2 Ringneck Pheasant Tail - Black
Collar: TroutHunter Premium CDC - Caddis Dun
Head: Ice Dub - UV Shrimp Pink

Other tools from the tutorial:
Swiss CDC MultiClamp