Guide's Choice Hare's Ear Variation

A Classic with a Collar...  And a Jig

This fly is already a standard in most western trout fly boxes, so we decided to tweak it a little bit.  We just stuck it on a jig hook and added a squirrel collar instead or partridge or a hen hackle.  This is a great fly on a Euro rig, but it's also deadly when fished under a big foam dry fly.  Happy tying!

Material List
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Hook: Hanak H 400 BL Jig Hook - 12
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Red
Bead: Hanak Round+ Slotted Tungsten Beads - Gold - 4.0mm
Tail: Flash Sale Hackle 77 - Whiting 4B Hen Saddle - Variant (Speckled Brown)
Body: Nature's Spirit Hare's Mask Dubbing - Natural
Rib: UTC Ultra Wire - Gold - Brassie
Thorax: Peacock Eye Sticks
Wing Case: Mirage Tinsel - Opal - Large
Collar: Squirrel Body Pieces - Natural Gray
Alternate Hook: Hanak H 480 BL Jig Hook - 12

Other tools from the tutorial:
Swiss CDC MultiClamp