Bead Head Barr Emerger

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Bead Head Barr Emergers
When I was in college doing a lot of fishing on the Green River in Utah, I was introduced to the Barr Emerger series of mayfly patterns. It became, and still is, one of my favorite Baetis and PMD emerger and nymph patterns. Between the Provo and Green rivers, this was easily one of the most effective patterns really year-round. And while I ended up going with a simplified "guide version" of the Barr Emerger, the OG version is still my favorite.

You can use this as a dropper from a bigger mayfly pattern or just nymph it up on any sort of nymphing rig you prefer.

Material List
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Hook: TMC 2487 Emerger Hook - 16 - 25 Pack
Thread: 8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed Midge - Iron Gray
Bead (optional): Cyclops Brass Beads - Brass - 3/32" (2.3mm)
Tail: Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle - Fiery Brown
Abdomen Mix: Wapsi Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing - Brown Olive
Wing Case/Legs: Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle - Gray
Thorax: Wapsi Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing - Adam's Gray
Wing Case Coating: Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish
Light: Loon UV Bench Light

Other tools from the tutorial:
Tiemco Midge Whip Finisher
Tiemco Razor Scissors