Fancy Pants Streamer

The Coffee Fairy of Flies

The Drunk Drea has been absolutely solid in it's short existence on this earth, so it got a cousin that has a bit more unique movement in the tail.  This could be fished as a craw pattern, or just as a normal streamer that has different movement than just a marabou tail.  The compound loop has been a pretty fun technique to play with, so give it a shot and try throwing in a variety of materials into it to see how it fishes. 

Material List
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Hook: TMC 5263 Nymph & Streamer Hook - 4 - 25 Pack
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 140 Denier - Hopper Yellow
Cone: Brass Cone Heads - Gold - Large (1/4")
Underbody Weight: Lead Wire Spool - .025
Tail Dubbing Ball: Ice Dub - UV Pink
Tail: Rabbit Zonker Strips - Gold Variant
Tail (option): Bling Rabbit Strips - Gold Variant with Holo Gold Accent
Body: Medium UV Polar Chenille - Gold
Collar 1: Ripple Ice Fiber - Shrimp Pink
Collar 2: Fish Hunter Premium Strung Marabou - Brown (UV)
Collar 3: Senyo's Barred Predator Wrap - Barred UV
Collar 4: Fox Hair Patch - Red - Small
Alternate Hook: TMC 5262 Nymph & Streamer Hook - 4
Alternate Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 140 Denier - Tan
Alternate Fox: Fox Hair Patch - Red - Large

Other tools from the tutorial:
Loon D-Loop Tweezer
Stonfo Comb/Brush Tool
C&F Design Tying Comb
Stonfo Elite Stainless Steel Bodkin
Loon Ergo Bodkin
Fiskars 5" Micro-Tip Scissors
Magnetic Fly Tying Pad - Fly Tying with Uncle Cheech Logo