Killer Midge - Da Midge

One of the flies that started the channel

Throwing it back to 2010, this is one of the patterns that kind of helped kick off our youtube channel!  We thought we'd do it proper justice and add a recipe and a post for it.  Enjoy watching "young" Curtis crank this bug out.

Material List
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Hook: TMC 2488 Nymph Hook - 18 - 25 Pack
Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Black
Bead: Firehole Stones Plated Slotted Tungsten Beads - Black Nickel - 2.0mm (5/64")
Body: Nature's Spirit Turkey Biot Quills - Pale Olive
Flash: Krystal Flash - Fl. Orange
Thorax: Nature's Spirit X-Tremely Fine Natural Dubbing - Trico