Synthetic Yak Streamer

Big Taper, Little Bulk

I'll be honest, I got all fired up to tie some big meat when Lance brought in some of his for lake trout.  I had been messing with a lot of synthetic fibers, but synthetic yak is one of my favorites due to how it flows in the water, and how it keeps bulk.  This fly really isn't super hard to tie, it just takes a little bit of time.  Feel free to mess with colors, and even change the hook and eye if you want.  This type of fly also works really well when tied on a tube!

Material List
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Hook: Ahrex 270 Saltwater Bluewater Hook - 5/0
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 140 Denier - White
Tail: Polar Flash - 2033 - Mirage Opal
Under Body: Nature's Spirit Synthetic Yak Hair - White
Over Body: Nature's Spirit Synthetic Yak Hair - Brown
Body Filler: Ripple Ice Dub - Mother of Pearl
Collar 1: Ripple Ice Fiber - Shrimp Pink
Collar 2: Ripple Ice Fiber - UV Pearl
Collar 3: American Opossum Hair Patch - Large
Eyes: Hemingway's Jungle Cock Substitute - Red
Eyes (option): UV-3D Imitation Jungle Cock - Orange

Other tools from the tutorial:
Loon D-Loop Tweezer
Stonfo Elite Stainless Steel Bodkin
Loon Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner
Raidzap UV Resin Medium