Solarez UV Resin - Pro Kit

Solarez UV Resin - Pro Kit


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All three of our Solarez fly-tie UV resins; Thin-Hard, Thick-Hard, & FLEX formulas.

Each comes in a 1 oz bottle with cone-cap applicator tip - ample for many applications. Also included is a UV-Cure High Output flashlight with optimal wavelength. ( this flashlight takes two (2) CR123 Lithium batteries or one (1) 18650 Lithium Ion battery - not included)

PRODUCT TIP: Apply all UV curable products in full shade or indoors, flash with Solarez UV Flashlight for 30 secs, continue working on fly. To completely cure resin, expose to sunlight or use flashlight for about 3 minutes. Differences and details about the torches contained in our kits:

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