Complete Fly Tying Starter Kit

Complete Fly Tying Starter Kit


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This is the ultimate starter kit to get into tying flies. The kit contains the popular Griffin Montana Mongoose vise, a selection of awesome tools and a complete selection of the materials to tie a plethora of the following patterns: Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Brassie, X-Caddis, Wooly Bugger, Zebra Midge, Caddis Pupa

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NOTE: The price is dependent on what's in stock and what extra's you might choose as these are essentially "build your own" kits. The price may be higher or lower, so check your cart total to verify

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In addition to the awesome vise, you'll get these materials and the tools listed below...
Daiichi 1120 #14
Daiichi 1120 #18
Daiichi 1180 #14
Daiichi 1180 #12
Daiichi 1180 #16
Daiichi 1710 #8
Daiichi 1710 #6
Plummeting Tungsten Beads Gold 7/64" (2.8 mm)
Plummeting Tungsten Beads Gold 3/32" (2.3 mm)
Danville 70 black thread
Danville 140 black thread
Nature's Spirit Hare's Mask Dub, natural
Nature's Spirit Hare's Mask Dub, brown
UTC Ultrawire, Gold, Small
Nature's Spirit Pheasant tail fibers
Peacock eye sticks
Nature's Spirit Strung Marabou, black
Midnight fire chenille
Black Schlappen
Nature's Spirit select cow elk
Nature's Spirit Fine Natural Dub Callibaetis
Sparkle Emerger Yarn Tan
Ice Dub, Black
Kiley's Nymph Skin caddis green
Kiley's Nymph Skin natural
Fino Skin, Brown
Nature's Spirit Barred Teal Flank, Wood Duck

Stonfo Comb/Brush
Griffin Supreme Ceramic Bobbin
Dr Slick all Purpose 4" Scissors
Dr. Slick Bodkin with Half Hitch Tool
Dr. Slick Whip Finisher
Peak Hair Stacker
Loon Head Cement
Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise

We've also added a few options for tools you might find useful with these patterns

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