Whiting 100 Packs

Whiting 100 Packs


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Probably one of the best values in fly tying, Whiting Farms 100 packs are pre-sized and measured Gold grade saddle hackles that will tie at least 100 flies, on average. Reality is you'll likely get many more flies out of it and you can buy these in only the sizes and colors you like.

NOTE: We are absolutely honored to be able to offer Cree 100 packs from time to time. Given the difficulty to obtain and the super-high demand, Cree 100 packs carry the following stipulations:

  • First come, first served basis. We don't hold products or accept back orders.
  • Cree 100 Packs are priced at $34.95. Premium price, but still an excellent value!
  • Limit 1 per customer per batch we receive. These 100 packs literally sell out within a couple of hours of release.
  • If you don't see Cree as a selection below, it means we're out. If you'd like an insanely close substitute, we highly recommend Barred Dark Ginger capes or saddles. Often we're unable to tell much of a difference.

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